Rebalancing the microbiota and reducing imperfections

Phenbiox, a spin-off company of the University of Bologna that develops and produces plant-derived high-performance active ingredients for cosmetics, introduced the active ingredient Pure-Phen, able to purify the skin and re-balance the microbiota at the same time. Environmental conditions, endogenous and exogenous stresses, individual susceptibility ecc. can be co-factors in some skin disorder insurgence such as acne and dandruff.

These specific skin condition are related to dysbiosis, skin Microbiota imbalances often characterized by the overgrowth of some specific species, often opportunistic pathogens. Ginger, frankincense and grape have been always known and used in different part of the world as medical plants as well as in purifying rituals.

Different classes of molecules from each plant are able to act as purifying agents and as bacteriostatic molecules against potential pathogenic species, to sooth, protect and condition the skin. Pure-Phen is a purifying, soothing, conditioning natural and preservative free active ingredient able to help the skin and the scalp to go back to healthy conditions with a mild but effective treatment, being more tolerable compared to synthetic ingredients. Pure-Phen is not altering the physiological condition of the skin, helping it in rebalancing the microbiota, reducing imperfections, redness and unpleasant sensations related to acne and dandruff.