Sustainable packaging from the «cradle-to-grave» point of view

Cosmetics in a vase of water with stones and green leaves

Creating sustainable packaging is easier said than done. Together with its suppliers, Henkel aims to continue developing sustainable product portfolios across all its business units, for a sustainable future and with an eye to the circular economy.

In this way, while environmental footprint is reduced. Traditionally, Henkel had a «cradle-to-gate» approach: sustainability was searched and maintained from the raw material selection, to manufacturing processes and logistics – but everything that happened to the product during the consumer use-phase, including waste disposal, was not taken into consideration. Today, Henkel has a «cradle-to-grave» view to contribute to the needs of a circular economy, where waste disposal and recycling are crucial in order to complete the cycle, so that sustainability is integrated into every stage of the products’ life.

by D.Merli