Masked pigments for the cosmetic industry

Tagra’s RND™ microencapsulation technology enables optimal isolation of non-water soluble pigments, allowing them to be incorporated in cosmetics without changing the aspect of the final product and obtaining an highly stable formulation.

Due to masking of pigments, original shade is hidden while maintaining the formulations white appearance and texture. TagraCaps™/CameleonCaps™ are based on Tagra’s Release on Demand™ (RND™) technology whereby the pigments are released upon rubbing onto skin: in fact, at the moment of application, the pigment is revealed upon mechanical pressure.

The Cameleon™Caps range is an innovative extension to Tagra’s current Tagra Caps™ range providing formulators with cutting-edge solutions to current market trends in skin care and color cosmetics. Cameleon CapsTM are microencapsulated pigments made from a cellulose based polymer. The proposed solution have broad applicability, ranging from water gels, o/w emulsions, powders, foams, high sun protection factor value formulations and more.

by D.Merli