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Amitahc is an international group, specialized in health care, and its highly qualified, customer-oriented team works on a daily basis with the aim to improve people’s lifestyle, building upon its innovative ingredients, original concepts and, last but not least, its services

Based in Milan, Amitahc is committed to «making people live healthier, happier and longer». Therefore, as Chiara Frangioia, business unit manager at Amitahc’s personal care division, it is confident to have «unique capabilities to discover, develop and provide high performing and successful solutions to improve people’s well-being». Its milestones can be identified in «science, progress and wellness, that always had a primary role in our life and have shaped our core values: safety, ethics and sustainability». Last year, Amitahc celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since its foundation, it has been dealing with the domestic market for several years. But almost two years ago, it has started a process of internationalization, opening two branch offices in Barcelona, Spain, and in Warsaw, Poland». Frangioia told KosWorld the story, so far.

Which, among your specializations, is the most important, in terms of revenue, today?

The healthcare market gathers and includes different, albeit complementary specializations: Personal Care, Nutraceutical, Flavours & Fragrances and Amitahc manages to cover all of these fields. We are now assisting to a very quick growth of the nutraceutical area, swarmed by a variety of new investors and displaying interesting chances of development. We are clearly investing in this field to support customers and collaborate with them, contributing to their success. The personal care market is also important; Italian manufacturer are worldwide recognized as leading market players, especially in the colour cosmetics and skin-hair segments that Amitahc covers thanks to its world-class partners. To make the difference in the F&F market, you must be prepared, experienced and have a specific know-how: these characteristics are part of our portfolio thanks to the experience that turns us into one of the most prominent players in the arena. These well-balanced three sectors represent pilasters the very pillars of our evolution.

Chiara Frangioia

What are your most important markets globally and which are the emerging countries?

Our expansion roadmap is today focused to enlarge our presence in Europe, step by step Generally speaking the European market is and remains, in fact, the cradle of innovation, know-how and it is worldwide recognized for its quality. But we must look to such emerging markets as Middle East and Asia. It is important to know the panorama outside Europe because only with the right knowledge we can define and model our strategy; and surf the wave of success.

As for your product portfolio, what will your future bestsellers look like?

To predict the future is impossible, but safety, ethics and sustainability are our guiding light and our daily benchmark. Thanks to our team of specialists, together with our manufacturing partners, we aim to achieve scientific and technical excellence for high quality and total safety ingredients; build a long-term synergic cooperation based on integrity, transparency and trust; respect the environment and individuals. Our internal R&D application lab offers technical formulation assistance, based on innovative concepts that perfectly fit any specific demand from customers, according to the latest market trends.

What are the most prominent trends in the cosmetics industry worldwide, nowadays?

In the personal care market, Europe is a point of reference: Our experience, know-how and innovative concept are appreciated and recognized globally. The trend, today, is to look forward to sustainable ingredients (and sustainable products) because the wider access to information make customers more experienced and aware. Cosmetic products must prove safe, well performing and with a sophisticated background. They cannot be seen as mere products since they became real concepts, respectful of our planet and ethically recognized. Green is the fashion, not just in terms of colours but in terms of philosophy. Europe, USA China put in place a new, sustainable economy model aiming to eliminate or at least reduce pollution: to be a part of this change is not difficult: it is just a matter of will.

Could you spend a few words about your portfolio of services and its importance?

We want to be a reliable and valuable partner and offer useful services, starting from the regulatory; its scenario is crucial to provide a consistent support on technical and legal issues. The Amitahc RA (Regulatory affairs) team pays great attention to updates concerning safety, quality, environmental issues and checks their correct application both in ingredients and finished products, sharing information with the commercial staff and giving a precious on-demand consulting service. We are active members of the main European Trade Associations taking part in regulatory working groups. A further, important added value is our R&D department. Relating to a customized project, we can advise the proper ingredients to be inserted in a specific formulation, giving suggestions about the correct usage and ingredients dosage. We develop demo formulations with our ingredients, creating modern and unique customized formulations or restyling existing formulations on our partners’ input, building upon our core values and taking care of every aspect of our proposal. We offer a complete support: an efficient customer service, a structured supply chain to give an excellent on-time service; an active R&D to solve technical issues. In a few words: we work to provide today what you’ll need tomorrow.

The human factor

Amitahc Group employs today 25 professionals, but as Chiara Frangioia said, «the company is growing steady and human resources are a crucial pillar» of its business. «We can say», she noticed, «that in Amitahc there is a positive, young atmosphere, we work in harmony to achieve our daily goals and always save some time to share suggestions and advice. Looking at the future, as our five-years strategy indicates, we foresee further entries, because we need new energies, new points of view and savoir faire, to growth. We look forward to welcoming strongly motivated customer-oriented people, willing to contribute to our success».

10 reasons to choose Amitahc
-Huge competence and knowledge of the market
-20 years customized experience
-Win-win partnerships
-An ongoing research for innovation
-All-inclusive planning consulting services
-A work-team of sales & technical experts
-Technical & regulatory support
-Internal R&D lab
-Efficient, flexible sales service
-Attention to customer satisfaction


by R. Carminati