A multi-protection approach against pollution and environmental stress

Res PharmaBuilding upon several years of research and testing, Res Pharma can today propose the multifunctional skincare active ingredient Pantrofina® Skin 360. Extracted from the bark of Marine Pine (Pinus Pinaster), it protects the skin from the oxidative stress caused by daily pollution and UV exposure. Oxidative stress is now widely recognized as a major contributing factor in chrono and photo aging processes: free radicals cause structural and functional damages that inhibit the production of new structural macromolecules. But free radicals can originate also form other external factors: an unbalanced diet, smoke, exposure to environmental pollutants. It provides a multilevel action for the protection against aging processes. In terms of antipollution protection, due to dirt, pollution, UV exposure, air conditioning and further factors, Pantrofina® Skin 360 (at 0,7%) showed a 71% recovery from oxidative stress induced by outdoor dust and a 69% recovery from indoor dust. Also the inflammatory damage induced by dust is inhibited: the results of our studies showed an inhibition of 80% of Interleukin-8 production following exposure to outdoor dust and -71% from indoor dust exposure, showing that this active ingredient extracted from Marine Pine is an effective antipollution agent. At the same time, the active ingredient can display a superior soothing effect on sensitized cells. On a model of keratinocytes sensitized with nickel sulphate, Pantrofina® Skin 360 showed a 3x inhibition of IL-8 release, compared to a standard Marigold extract. Furthermore, Pantrofina® Skin 360 ensures an improvement of the Collagen I synthesis, helping the recovery of the fibroblasts exposed to oxidative stress, with a 20% increase of Collagen I production. Last but not least, it provides a stimulation of the energetic metabolism, translating into a 33% increase of the ATP bioavability in keratinocytes exposed to UVA oxidative stress (compared to control), when used at only 0,1%. Standing out as a universal skin, face and body care active, it is 100% natural, COSMOS certified, liquid and water-soluble.