The cosmetic 2020

Argan oil, with fruits and seeds on a white background

Gale&CosmAt this time creams were hardly considered by scientists, but Gale & Cosm has helped to change this, strongly contributing to portray cosmetology as a science itself, a skin science: dermatology. A place were the cosmetology’s creativity is demonstrated is always the usual, is the skin.

Alfredo Radice, CEO of Gale & Cosm, in the past years has actively practiced and supported this evolution, not only as an enlightened entrepreneur, but also as the scientific path took also as active part of the Board of director of SICC, which has contributed to create what the cosmetic is today: from a simple paint to a fundamental instrument to achieve wellbeing and skin protector. Gale & Cosm, merits is to have selected the most innovative, scientific, safe and skin-compatible ingredients form the planet.

The company is now one of the reference point for the whole cosmetics sector which has followed and accepted Alfredo Radice suggested active ingredients and formulations. The laboratory and its distributors around the world add value to the soul of the company. Basic ingredients, excipients, additives, functional agents and so much more, always coherent in maintaining the scientific element, which represents Gale & Cosm, respecting the skin and its physiology.

The company applies the golden rule; the best ingredients are those that respect the substratum; or rather the skin and its annexes. The proposition includes ingredients ranging from skin care, to make-up, to home care and detergents, so to satisfy the creativity of the best cosmetologists with the aim to offer more safe, effective and stable formulations. The green code is getting more and more requested and appreciated by the majority of cosmetics consumers and opinion leaders.

The company has always been full of innovative proposals derived from the botanical world, the biotech and phytoceutical like esters such as Oliva, Argan, Cellulosa and new water-soluble oils together with new biotech ingredients, all which represent the innovative proposal that follows in fully the principle of safety, organic, scientific and above all of eco-skin-compatibility.