New green preservatives for «natural cosmetics»

green preservativesThe use of preservatives is mandatory for same cosmetic formulation, and non-toxic, effectives compounds are required. In particular, nowadays, «natural» preservatives are highly valuable. With Euxyl® K 903, Schülke introduces the newest preservative system meeting the requirements of «natural cosmetic» producers. In fact, it is based on benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid and dehydroacetic acid, meeting the eco criteria of many customers and certification bodies. The combination of organic acids and benzyl alcohol lead to an effective preservative action, that is compatible with the use in eye-area products, where the reduction of sting potential is absolutely necessary. Euxyl® K 903 can be used also in baby wipes and other products dedicated to baby hygiene, where mildness to the skin is required.

by D.Merli