Transformable textures: a revolutionary concept

Third party cosmetics provider Pinkfrogs is introducing a new family of products whose main characteristic is that of being able to change and transform their consistency, shape and color, so to enrich the effects of their original texture and to enhance the customer experience by offering more practical, functional and pleasant solutions.

Pinkfrogs’s renewed portfolio includes a face-cleansing stick, especially dedicated to fat skins, whose aim is to change the way clients look at and use skin-deterging products.

Delivered in a solid form, it then turns into a delicate emulsion, based on purifying actives. Make-up removing textures include now the Jelly Jam series: it looks like a sweet and perfuming marmalade, but water turns it into a smooth milky cream: Pinkfrogs states it can wipe away any trace of make-up, no matter if waterproof, from faces, eyes and lips.

Building on the properties of honey, the company also released a new intensive curly-hair treatment; while another texture looks at the body care segment by offering a special Silk-Powder cream that transforms into a light and nourishing oil. Finally, Pinkfrogs released a firming shower oil-gel, with hydrating prerogatives, based on a protein-rich algae and trace elements formulation, whose benefits result largely enhanced by a simultaneous application of sweet almond oil.