New pigments for skin care

merckMerck is a manufacturer of cosmetics ingredients, and it boasts several products from decorative pigments to innovative solutions for skin care and protection. On September 15th the company announced a new product, the Ronastar® Royal Sparkle, a refined premium pearl luster pigment, that will take the Ronastar® range to a whole new level in terms of quality and texture: formulations like skin care emulsion and decorative products will increase their brilliance together with a special smooth skin feel. Ronastar® Royal Sparkle is the second new product from the Smart Effects innovation program; Smart Effects includes two pillars: «Effects of Light» and «Revolutionize Performance», and so these pigments show extraordinary optical effects. Before Ronastar® Royal Sparkle another pigment was introduced under the first pillar, the Timiron® Halo White, but in this case the ingredient is able to bring some enhancing benefits like stability and innovative effects in the cosmetic formulations. This new pigment is characterized by small dimensional particles, but the silver-white powder appears to be larger than it really is, due to the multidimensional reflections that guarantee exceptional sparkle, mirror effects and metallic appearance. The Global Marketing Head of Decorative Pigments at Merck has also underlined that this product is the first encapsulated pigment within the pigments portfolio of the company.

by C.Lacapra