An exclusive partnership to develop bioprinting of hair

3D printer on white backgroundL’Oréal has 82.900 employees worldwide, 3.870 of which focused on research and innovation. The big beauty company has an extraordinary expertise in the field of hair biology and the partnership with Poietis appears in the tissue engineering research. Poietis is a newborn (2014) French biotechnology group whose main challenge is to create and develop biological human tissues for research and medical purposes. The two companies will be working on the bioprint of the hair follicle, the small organ that produces hair, using a bioprinter. The innovative laser-assisted bioprinting technology, developed by Poietis to produce biological tissue, allow to create 3D tissue placing cells with extremely high cellular resolution (approx. ten microns) and cellular viability (over 95%), shaping a biological tissue that can be used and tested in three weeks. Therefore, this unique partnership will combine know-how and technology to create a functional follicle capable of producing hair, an ambitious project that will bring real advantages in hair knowledge.

by C.Lacapra