Hair care innovation

3The hair care world is getting inspiration from skin care, with innovative formulas based on specialty ingredients by Prodotti Gianni SpA. A hair beauty and care ritual, where every step will be performed by a specific product, which shows the cosmetic properties of skin care trend with fluid textures like serums and spray/mists. Lightweight products are also available as silicone-free version, specific for thin hair. The company proposes a package of 16 hair products formulations classified by the following themes: Hair Regenerating Mask and Fillers, Color Ritual Liquid and Creamy Treatments, Styling & Conditioning Cream without PVP. The offer of specific rituals designed on customer needs gives value to the professional and to the hair salon. To create a tailor made product, the company proposes The Cocktailing Ritual, a hair regenerating program in 5 steps including a fluid base activated by active ingredients complex selected on customer needs. The Cocktailing Ritual program is composed by fluid base with gloss and conditioning effect plus 7 active concentrated treatments