Multi-functional and naturally-derived oil thickeners and film formers

DowDow understands the value consumers place on the full experience of personal care products – from their optical appearance, to the sensory experience they offer, to the beauty benefits they deliver. Ethocel™ Oil Thickeners and Film Formers from Dow are applicable in a wide range of personal care applications and provide multi-functional benefits ranging from oil thickening for high oil containing formulations for hair treatment or body care, to helping deliver uniform hydrophobic films with excellent film strength and water-resistance for color cosmetics. Due to its versatility and broad compatibility with a large set of different oils, Ethocel™ provides formulators with the right flexibility and new options for thickening and formulating with oils, be it a slightly-thickened oil or a transparent oil gel. The film forming properties of Ethocel™ exhibit longer-lasting benefits compared to simple oil blends allowing to make the most of the oil properties. Ethocel™ Oil Thickeners and Film Formers at a Glance Dow offers different grades to accommodate the needs of formulators for different physical properties, uses and viscosities. Selected grades are also available in a fine particle size. Some applications for Ethocel™ Oil Thickeners and Film Formers are skin care (body oil, gel, massage oil, bath oil, perfume), color cosmetics (lipsticks, lip gloss, mascara), hair care (hair treatment, serum), sun care (solar oil ). It allow to obtain the formulation of clear and transparent gels in a large range of oils, the delivery of tunable oil textures from slightly-thickened oils to oil gels while maintaining the appealing aspect of clear caring oils, it exhibits excellent adhesion properties and water resistance.