Mibelle’s Latest Research in Skin Immunology Receives IFSCC Award

Mibelle Biochemistry won the IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) Host Society Award for its latest research in skin immunology. In 2015, the Swiss Society of Cosmetic Chemists (Swiss SCC) hosted the important IFSCC conference which was made up of 600 participants from 40 different countries. More than 200 posters and 26 podium papers were presented and evaluated by a jury of experts. Mibelle Biochemistry received the Host Society Award. This prestigious award was made in regard to its latest research in the field of skin immunology. This new knowledge was applied in the development of Mibelle Biochemistry’s new active CM-Glucan Forte. This is a single molecule product that rebalances the skin’s Th1/Th2 immune system. Th stands for T helper cell, which is an important player in our immune system. Nowadays, an increase in allergies is experienced and allergic skin reactions such as eczemas. This comes as a consequence of the exaggerated hygiene in our modern, developed world. Our immune system is no longer trained and is therefore out of balance. Instead of reacting by a simple Th1 response where macrophages solve the problem, it reacts by an exaggerated Th2 response that paves the way to an allergy. Mibelle Biochemistry invented in a special Beta Glucan from baker’s yeast (Magnesium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucan) – an active to bring the immune system once again back into balance. When CM-Glucan Forte is regularly applied, the immune system of our skin reacts again with a simple Th1 response. This means that allergic reactions are prevented and the result is good, flawless and even skin.