A touch of color

EckartSoft Emotions is the name of a new personal care concept, presented by Eckart this year. Employing Eckart’s premium effect pigments, the concept introduces brand new soft earth tone shades of its synthetic mica series Syncrystal as well as its so far finest category in the borosilicate based Mirage series. Both are combining sparkle and illumination effects in a selection of skin care and decorative cosmetics applications. Effect pigments visibly enhance the appearance of products like shower gels, creams, eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, or nail polishes. They add velvety shimmer, pure shine or expressive sparkle to formulations. The pigment portfolio has been sensibly supplemented with rheological modifiers of Eckart’s sister division BYK. Based on natural minerals, these additives are for example used to improve viscosity and boost stability, have anti-settling characteristics or can be employed as thickeners. The company exclusively distributes these additives manufactured by BYK. This company’s product portfolio builds on its five series of effect pigments and its range of fillers. Based on borosilicate, Mirage pigments create extraordinary glamorous effects with maximum sparkle, color purity and luster. The Visionaire series based on aluminum and metal alloys respectively combines dramatic metallic reflection with unrivaled coverage. A broad variety of metallic effects can be achieved in color cosmetic applications like eye shadows, blushes, lip sticks, wax pens or body powders. Synthetic mica is the basis for the Syncrystal range. Due to their high purity and excellent chroma the products offer silvery pearlescent and brilliant interference color effects in combination with warm earth tones and expressive colors. The pigments provide a superior skin feel. Syncrystal Soft Peach, Soft Bronze and Soft Copper are perfectly suited for trending alphabet creams, tinted creams and lotions as well as for all kinds of color cosmetic applications.