A new polyester of mango butter

mangoAlzo International create innovative raw materials for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Many of Alzo’s ingredients are showcased in globally renowned formulations. The company is specialized in cosmetic esters, but also offers a diverse range of technologies including Polyderm polyurethane film formers, Dermothix rheology modifiers, NuLastic silicone elastomers, Elefac SPF boosters and Necon specialty hair conditioners. NuPLastic Film Systems is a patent pending technology which yields enhanced emollient film formation as well as long wear, water resistant, and transfer resistant features for color and skin care products. Alzo International Inc, whose Italian distributor is Prodotti Gianni S.r.l., recently introduced in its portfolio Dermol MBDD, a new vegetable derived polymeric emollient derived from Mango Butter and Rapeseed oil. The newly assigned INCI name is Mango Butter Dimer Dilinoleyl Esters/Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer. The highly viscous ester provides outstanding shine, substantive conditioning and pigment wetting for use in color, skin and hair care formulations. It is an excellent alternative to petroleum based emollients including paraffins and polyisobutenes.