HTlcs technology for modified release of actives

HTlc4The hydrotalcites (Hydrotalciti-HTlcs) are biocompatible lamellar anionic and inorganic clays, whose technology and structure allow to leap into the interlayer region anionic molecules of different nature and size. The inclusion of molecules, organic or inorganic, in the interlamellar region generates the new compounds consist of an inner phase (the guest), represented by intercalated active ingredients, and by a continuous or external phase (host). The anions in the interlamellar space can be easily exchanged with anionic molecules by ion exchange mechanism, thus obtaining a controlled release and greater bio-availability of the active. Another important aspect is the property of the hydrotalcites to protect the molecules intercalated between the slats of oxygen, weather and especially from light. The hydrotalcites are also excellent texturizing and rheological agents which enhance the final product and its usability in terms of consistency, stability, agreeableness, spreadability. They are dust with eudermal, sebum-regulating, matting activity can also be used as excipients to give consistence and smoothness to the formulation with more benefits and security than other inert excipients with submicron dimensions. The HTlcs are synthesized according to an eco-friendly process of green chemistry, to obtain a microscopic homogeneous dust, chemically and microbiologically pure, pleasant to the touch, with good characteristics of fluidity and miscibility, easily dispersible in formulations, both aqueous oily, and also compactable. This product is distributed in Italy by Prodotti Gianni S.p.A.

by B. Briasco