The active concentrated stain remover

Prodotti Gianni S.p.A makes known in Italy VC-IP (INCI Name: Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate), a stable lipid-soluble derivative of Vitamin C. In Japan, for its efficacy profile more similar to an active pharmaceutical ingredient that to a cosmetic it is regarded as a drug (>3%). The results of depigmentation of dark spots are so obvious that many cosmetic companies (Dr Perricone, Dr.Ci: Labo, SVR) have launched the cosmeceuticals with VC-IP high concentration (10-100%), type sold in small packages drops or serums or sticks. Vitamin C has many functions as a cosmetic ingredient including skin lightening promoting. VC-IP (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) is stable at high temperatures and has good solubility in oils. It exhibits excellent percutaneous absorption and effectively converts into free vitamin C in the skin to perform various physiological functions. Among the different actions that this substance has, VC-IP inhibits activity of intracellular tyrosinase and melanogenesis (whitening), it reduces UV-induced cell / DNA damage (UV protection/anti-stress), it prevents lipid peroxidation and skin aging (anti-oxidant). Furthermore it has SOD-like activity (anti-oxidant), it promote collagen synthesis and collagen protection (anti-age) and it’s heat- and oxidation-stable. Finally, it offers protection of DNA from UVB and UVA irradiation.