Dream’s creation: a family tale

We met Farotti’s sisters, Letizia and Lara, which lead the family company that in its plant located in Italian Romagna riviera produces perfumes, fragrances, aromas, essential oils for cosmetic, detergent and food industries.

Which is, briefly, the history of the company of its brand and products?
Our father Giuliano Farotti founded the company in 1972. Before creating his own firm, he has been an employee in an analogous factory in Bologna. He was so attracted by the world of fragrances that he early decided to start his own business with commitment and dedication. For the last ten years, we have worked for the company with great passion, trying to do our best to continue and grow together with him this project, that rather than a job is actually a dream coming true. Creativity, quality, and service represent the guiding values and founding principles on which we base our business. The experience gained by our father through his work with Italian and French master perfumers blends with the support of a highly qualified and professional technical staff and a family-run structure that guarantees great flexibility.

How do you describe your company in few words, in terms of business organization, turnover and market areas?
Our mission is creating fragrances for industries of perfumes, cosmetics, detergents and any other area where the odour can be an added value. Since 1992 we also have produced flavours for the food industry. In the last few years however, we have chosen to focus especially on the world of cosmetics and perfumery, creating our own niche in the market, in which we offer products and services of very high quality. Due to dedication and continued investments in technology and innovation, we have been recognized for many years as a reference company in Italy in our market area, and in recent years we also boomed in foreign markets. In a first step we targeted towards the whole European area and to different countries of North Africa and Central Asia. More recently, we focused on the Middle East and Southern America obtaining very satisfactory results. We rely on the collaboration of local agents and distributors, which care for each contact through continued dialogue and willingness in order to offer a total service always on time and “tailor-made” in the best Farotti’s tradition. The company boasts a large and very diverse pool of clients, and to serve the needs of both the small retailer and the large companies operating on a national and international stage, we increased our workload by creating an industrial manufacturing facility with a production capacity of 5 tonnes per day. Based on a nucleus of 18 people and a network of agents covering the entire country, the company follows a personalised approach when serving clients, not only in terms of punctually addressing their specific unique requirements, but also by investing in the human aspect of the relationship.

Which are your main products for cosmetic applications and what kind of client do you target in this field?
The perfume and cosmetic sectors comprise over 50% of the company business. The remaining part is concerned primarily with a large number of companies that operate in the detergent sector, but Farotti scents are also used in a wide variety of different areas: room deodorants, candles, potpourri and incense, tanning industries, rubber, plastic, paints, glues, and watercolours. In each fields Farotti Essenze applies its expertise to satisfy the varying requirements, creating products that best reflect personality and image our client wishes to project. Overall, we mainly operate in different areas, such as: natural, organic, hypoallergenic and aromatherapy fragrances, aromas, essential oils, colours and raw materials.

How do you guarantee quality of your processes and products?
The raw materials, provided by carefully selected suppliers from Italy and abroad, are subject to rigorous testing, not only olfactory, but also analytical using a series of assays to guarantee constant and reproducible quality. The company has always kept abreast of the technological and professional developments of the sector, employing modern electronic instrumentation for the analysis, weighing, and preparation of essences, as well as quickly and effectively adopting the new regulations that from time to time appear on the legislative horizon. As a further guarantee of our high qualitative standards, Farotti Essenze is a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company.

How do you project and realize your products? What is behind the Research and Development processes?
The creation of a fragrance is based on a close collaboration with the client where the company attempts to reflect the style, not only in terms of taste, but also of image. This often entails numerous variations on the formula to identify that novel and absolutely personal note that fits the client like a tailored suit. Our research and development laboratory is very active and allow us to be in the forefront of fragrance industries. Our goal is to study new formulations able to interpret input from the market and translate them into original, unique and exclusive compositions, where experience, tradition and innovation blend perfectly together. One of our strengths is creating allergen-free fragrances, not only complying with European requirements but also with standards of other Countries we work with, according to demands of our international customers. For example, we produce many fragrances satisfying restrictions suggested by Oko-Test, a well-known German ecologist magazine.

Could you briefly describe recent past e future plans of your company?
In the last 10 years new generations of the family have begun to take part of the managerial staff, bolstering and providing continuity to a firm that is not merely a commercial enterprise, but a lifelong project born of the great passion of its founder. On the other hand, in the last few years European regulations relating to commodities used for fragrance production have become increasingly restrictive, especially as far as concerns cosmetics. As a result, our company has gradually improved product creation and development complying with these more stringent laws. Moreover, we enjoy working in harmony with nature, we respect environment and people’s wellbeing, and for these reasons we tried to minimize, nearly eliminate, the use of raw materials that impact negatively on the ecosystem. The company adopted systems to produce and take advantage of solar energy, installing high capacity photovoltaic panels. We prevent the waste of potentially useful material by promoting use of biodegradable and recycled products in our activities. Moreover we have updated our processes and products based on sector regulations which impose ever greater transparency in each operations.

by L.Galetto