The scent of Japan encased in a bottle

The scent of Japan encased in a bottle
The scent of Japan encased in a bottle

The air of Japan captured in a fragrance: this is how J-Scent, a perfume brand launched in 2017, presents itself. It carefully selects the best Japanese essences and blends them harmoniously with nature, creating fragrances that embody the beauty of Japan and its four seasons.

Between tradition and modernity

Each fragrance is created in Japan at Luz Fragrance, a perfumery founded in 2001. Luz’s team consists of fragrance designers, evaluators, perfumers, directors, and producers. Through the years, Luz has conducted countless research in the art of fragrance creation and developed an in-house system for producing all products in its own factory. Currently, the company operates three factories, including a laboratory.

Scent of Japan

Roasted Green Tea recreates the aroma of premium roasted tea leaves when steeped, while Sumo Wrestler has the scent of bintsuke (hair oil) used by dignified sumo wrestlers. Black Leather, which mimics the scent of aged and smoked black leather while evoking a sense of melancholy, was awarded Best New Niche Fragrance at the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards.

From the Far East to Italy

Luz’s story is one of constant innovation and growth. Over the years, it has seen a number of significant milestones, including the opening of an in-house laboratory in 2007 and the opening of a cosmetic production factory in Shizuoka in 2011. In 2019, Luz Fragrance Co. Ltd in Los Angeles, California, while in 2022 an in-house production factory was opened in Karatsu, Saga. In the same year, the company established Luz Fragrance Italy S.r.l., in Varese, Italy, bringing with it Japanese tradition, elegance and craftsmanship.

J-Scent’s entry into the Italian market represented not only a new business opportunity, but also a bridge between two cultures, between East and West, between tradition and innovation. The brand’s success at Esxence 2024 is testimony to its growing popularity and the Italian public’s appreciation for its unique and engaging fragrances.


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