Fable Investments, the corporate venture investment arm of Natura & Co., recently acquired a stake in Eadem, a beauty brand centered around skin of color.

Founded in 2021 by Marie Kouadio Amouzame and Alice Glover, Eadem swiftly gained recognition for its focus on addressing specific skin concerns like hyperpigmentation. Eadem’s product line, featuring standout offerings like the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum and the Cashmere Peel Exfoliating Tonic, embodies innovation tailored to melanin-rich skin. Through their digital platform, Eadem fosters a sense of community, sharing diverse stories and experiences related to beauty.

Fable Investments‘ decision to invest in Eadem demonstrates the industry’s growing recognition of diversity’s significance. This strategic partnership offers promising growth prospects and marks a significant stride in reshaping beauty standards. It also establishes a precedent for future initiatives aimed at fostering a more inclusive and representative beauty sector.


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