Clinical Skin, a skincare leader known for innovation, has acquired Glytone, enhancing its offerings. 

Glytone, with a rich history dating back to 1943, has pioneered dermatological solutions, particularly with glycolic acid. Through a 20-year partnership with Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Glytone developed clinically tested products for various skin issues. Clinical Skin, founded on innovation and science, utilizes A.C.E. technology for effective skincare. 

The acquisition aligns with Clinical Skin’s vision, aiming to improve offerings while focusing on science and innovation. The move promises advanced skincare solutions by merging Glytone’s legacy with Clinical Skin’s expertise.

Jaime Castle, Clinical Skin’s CEO, emphasizes alignment with Glytone’s values. Lisa Morris, Pierre Fabre USA’s CEO, trusts the gradual brand transition for continuity. This acquisition represents a significant step in skincare, promising new advancements and customer satisfaction through continued research and development.