Frédéric Malle is leaving Les Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, the brand he founded twenty-four years ago. This decision, announced for late June, marks a significant shift in the artistic perfumery scene.

While the Estée Lauder Group, which has owned the brand since 2015, assures that the House DNA will be maintained, the impact of Malle’s exit raises questions about the future of the industry.

A revolutionary era

Frédéric Malle revolutionized the perfume world with his own avant-garde vision. By founding Les Editions de Parfums in 2000, Malle created a platform available to the industry’s top perfumers, allowing them to fully express their creativity by transcending traditional marketing schemes.

This innovation marked the beginning of a new era, in which fragrance creators were no longer relegated to anonymity but could sign their works, turning perfume into a recognized art.

The legacy of a fragrance dynasty

Frédéric Malle, heir to a family active in the field of fragrance, brings with him a legacy of creativity and passion. The son of an artistic director of Parfums Christian Dior and grandson of the famous film director Louis Malle, Frédéric has always had an affinity for the world of fragrance.

His career path has led him over time to collaborate with prestigious perfumery laboratories, where he has continued to refine his revolutionary vision.

The brand as a “perfume publishing house”

Malle’s genius is manifested in the very concept of Les Editions de Parfums: a brand that acts as a true perfume publishing house. Malle gave perfumers the opportunity to express themselves fully by being able to sign creations, opening up new perspectives in the world of perfumes.

Malle’s contribution to the perfumery industry certainly goes beyond national borders. The brand, which has a worldwide presence with its own boutiques, has influenced the way people are able to conceive and appreciate perfume. Collaborations with fashion brands such as Acne Studios further expanded Malle’s impact, taking his creative flair into new contexts and to new audiences.

A farewell without explanation

Given his extraordinary and universal success, Frédéric Malle’s exit from the top management of his own brand raises questions. The reasons behind this decision remain obscure.

However, Malle expressed gratitude to the perfumers, artists, and the Estée Lauder Group, which helped develop and protect the brand following its acquisition in 2015.