PAI Partners‘ acquisition of Beautynova, a global leader in professional hair care, underscores the company’s strategic move into the €330 million deal. 

Recognized for its quality and innovative hair care products, Beautynova, headquartered in Milan, stands as a pillar in the market. Its business model spans the entire B2B2C value chain, offering a portfolio of leading professional brands and contract development and manufacturing services. With over 18,000 proprietary formulations and a highly skilled in-house research and development team, Beautynova sets itself apart in product quality and innovation.

PAI Partners, boasting €27 billion in assets under management and extensive experience in consumer goods, emerges as an ideal partner to fuel Beautynova’s growth. Together with Bluegem, the company aims to expedite Beautynova’s brand development and seize growth opportunities in both the US and European markets.

Stefano Banfo, CEO of Beautynova, extends gratitude for Bluegem’s past support and eagerly anticipates collaboration with PAI Partners to further the company’s growth and innovation journey. Emilio Di Spiezio Sardo, Bluegem’s founding partner, emphasizes the success of their partnership and looks ahead to the next phase with PAI Partners. Meanwhile, Raffaele Vitale, PAI MMF’s founding partner, expresses confidence in Beautynova’s potential and the opportunity to collaborate with its team.

The strategic partnership among PAI Partners, Bluegem, and Beautynova aims to drive innovation and excellence in hair care. This acquisition marks a significant advancement in Beautynova’s global positioning, poised to lead innovation and cater to customer needs worldwide.