Cosmetic innovation: a portable beauty mist

OFIA liquid formulation of micro molecules of active ingredients that, once nebulized, penetrate the skin, leaving the sensation of being enveloped in a cloud of well-being.

A compact and convenient cosmetic to take anywhere and use when needed, with multiple benefits. Your BEAUTY MIST is designed to be used anywhere: it provides care and nourishment beyond the morning or evening beauty ritual, ready to hand, in a purse, any time.

Bottega di Lunga Vita Beauty Mist Vita-Age Aurum® is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Leopontium alpinum Stem Cells, Nerè Seeds, Jojoba and Sweet Almonds oils and Vitamins; it guarantees to the skin of the face a perfect hydration throughout the day and the right nourishment in moments of fatigue, tension, bad mood, temperature changes. A nebulized energy and, as company sources announced, ready to go: the skin rediscovers its natural freshness. OFI Beauty Mist aims to reduce skin wrinkles, moisturize and elasticize tissues, stimulate the formation of new collagen, to use also with make-up.