A long-lasting silicone-free foundation

Univar recently introduced a super fluid, stable, silicone free, long-lasting foundation thanks to which it aims to fulfil the needs of customers looking for a water-based formulation able to provide, at the same time, a natural sheer coverage and no transfer.

The Game Face H2O Foundation integrates Olivem® LV Flex, an O/W primary emulsifier for light hyperfluid and sprayable emulsion, with a thixotropic effect, that works in synergy with Xanthan Gum Personal Care Grade FFCSP, for a lower viscosity. 18161 Creamy Brown (CremeBraun) is, on the other hand, a water-dispersible pigment blend designed by Univar Colour to give the right shade for light skin tones. Furthermore, here comes CosPINK™, COSMOS and Ecocert approved pure clay which improves the coverage and adds absorbing properties. The EPITEX™ 66 Polymer represents, finally, a water-soluble film former with good, long lasting and non-transfer effect; whereas Elevance Soft CG-100 is a plant-based emollient with an excellent sensory feel, moisturization and spreadability.

As for its application, Univar suggests to shake it before use and then to apply a small amount on the face, with a beauty sponge or fingertips, in order to obtain a brown fluid foundation for light skin tones.