A barrier against Artificial visible light (AVL)

Image of young woman enjoying good music on laptop while resting in cafe. Side view.

We can undoubtedly say that artificial visible light (AVL) is now everywhere in our modern life, since our mode of social communication indeed confronts us with screens of all kinds and their use is on the rise.

This is the very starting point from which Gattefossé moved in order to discover the potential consequences of such an environment on human skin. In fact, the company has conducted an extensive investigation to determine the direct effects of screen exposure on the skin, and therefore on its overall health.

The results of this study showed that AVL increases the cellular fatigue, and also leads to a disrupted morphology and behaviour of key skin cells, and weakens the mitochondrial function and dynamics. As a response, Gattefossé has developed a new active ingredient that specifically protects skin cells from screen-emitted artificial visible light. Organic certified, this innovative active protects the skin from repeated screen exposure. The cells energetic capacity is consequently preserved, for an optimal functioning. The skin is strongly reinforced, visibly revived; deeply protected, it is finally able to reactivate its inner energy. As a result, as the company commented, the signs of fatigue will disappear in favour of a natural, healthy look and glow.