Protecting the skin from blue light effects

As well as pollution, Blue Light is threatening our body daily, having an important impact not only on our eyes, as commonly known, but also on our skin. Actually, sunlight is the main source of Blue Light and the exposure to these rays induces aging-like changes, mainly attributed to their ultraviolet components. Nevertheless, also indoor sourced Blue Light as LED, fluorescent lighting and flat screen TV, computers, tablets, smartphones etc. has been recognized to have a damaging impact on the skin. In particular, Blue light has been observed to produce oxidative stress in live skin and to accelerate the ageing processes mainly by inducing a molecular damage to our skin proteins. New challenges are open, as today we all are always-connected and live in an hyper-connected environment.

VitacheloxTM, the selection of optimized botanical compounds from Indena, is able to meet these aforementioned needs. After demonstrating its ability to act as antipollution, skin protectant, free radical scavenger and chelating agents on various mechanisms triggered by the most common polluting agents, new clinical data following VitacheloxTM treatment showed, as Indena reported, a significant improvement in protein quality.

The safety profile and effectiveness of Indena extracts are supported by several experimental tests, which few other companies can provide in support of their products. The expertise and the approach to research and innovation has always been the hallmark of the company, and has led it to the production of the highest quality active ingredients of botanical origin for the pharmaceutical, health-food and personal-care sectors.