New acquisitions for a richer portfolio

Biotenside Unter Mikroskop


Last September, Evonik announced the acquisition of JM Huber’s silica business and therefore the complete redesign of its relevant product portfolio’s brand profile.

The unprecedented design aims to reflect the company’s claim to develop innovative solutions and to play as a most reliable partner for its new and traditional customers. Also, Evonik wants to stress the importance of Silica as a key pillar of its overall mission. The relaunch that the company is today introducing covers, according to sources, such brands as AEROSIL, SIPERNAT, ULTRASIL, AEROXIDE, ACEMATT, ZEODENT and ZEOFREE. Furthermore, after acquiring Dr. Straetmans GmbH, during the summer, the company took part in the SEPAWA Congress where it presented two new cosmetics ingredients, TEGO Solve 90 and TEGO Feel C10, both based on natural raw materials.

The first one is a COSMOS certified solubilizing solution allowing manufacturers to integrate a wide range of perfumes and essential oils into their aqueous formulations. Evonik pointed out that its polyglycerol ester, derived from renewable sources such as canola or certified palm oil, can also be cold-processed and contains no polyethylene glycol (PEG).

Therefore, the company states that TEGO Solve 90 can easily serve the needs of the shampooing, shower gel and clear formulations industry in general, but can also be used in roll-on deodorants, make-up removers, micellar water products.

As for TEGO Feel C10, the firm describes it as «a natural, readily biodegradable replacement for micro-plastics in leave-on products». This chemically unmodified cellulose fibre, as the Essen-headquartered provider stated, can in fact «absorb more than its weight in oil and sebum». And, when used in sunscreens and personal care formulations, «it keeps the skin from becoming shiny and leaves it feeling pleasant».