Where surfactants flourish

ClariantClariant has recently released a new portfolio of surfactants in hand dishwashing liquid detergents, the GlucoPure Sense label, whose most interesting property is that of being entirely based on sunflower oil.

Thanks to this innovative product family, Clariant is confident it can offer experts further support in addressing such challenges as «irritant labelling, non-tropical ingredient sourcing, and achieving comparable performance to traditional surfactants» while at the same time ensuring the same level of performance that traditional surfactants can display. «The surfactant», as Clariant stated, «is one of the few to carry no irritant labels (H318 or H319) under GHS and allows formulations with no irritant or corrosive labels consistent with European Union regulations.

It delivers high foam mileage in both hard and soft water, and is proven in plate tests to match the performance standards of regular surfactants such as betaines. For example, H318 can be avoided in mild SLES/betaine formulations by using GlucoPure Sense as the co-surfactant. It is possible to pursue no exclamation mark (H319) labelling in formulations with more than 9% a.m».