A selection of optimized botanical compounds

Cross section of tree trunk isolated on white background with Clipping Path

IndenaVitachelox is the new selection of optimized botanical compounds that Indena developed in order to help customers in protecting themselves against the damaging effects that pollution has on their hair. In Indena’s intentions the solution can act as «antipollution, skin protectant, free radical scavenger and chelating agents on various mechanisms triggered by the most common polluting agents». The company itself reported that the efficacy of ingredients and combinations it used was scientifically assessed. Skin and hair are largely exposed to environmental pollution-related damages, also due to «the heavy metal constituents of a particulate», acting as a catalyst «in oxidation reactions» and therefore «adversely affecting the skin». Aiming to face the challenge, Indena stated that the experimental tests it carried out managed to prove both the effectiveness and the safety profile of its extracts. The commitment to quality that strongly characterizes the company’s business has led it to «the production of high quality active ingredients of botanical origin for the pharmaceutical, health-food and personal-care sectors».