Polyurethane-based innovative personal care solutions

Covestro hat auf Basis des Filmbildners Baycusan® C 1004 extra wasserbeständige Formulierungen für den Strand entwickelt. Bei mehrmaligem Baden behalten sie auch nach mehr als einer Stunde immer noch mindestens 50 Prozent der ursprünglichen Lichtschutzwirkung. ---------------------------- Covestro has developed extra waterproof formulations for the beach using the film former Baycusan® C 1004. They retain at least 50 percent of their sun protection factor for more than one hour with repeated exposure to water.

CovestroCovestro, formerly known as Bayer Material Science, recently launched a number of innovative and versatile solutions to enrich its Baycusan product line, and anticipated these solutions will build upon the expertise the company has acquired in the field of polyurethane raw materials. More specifically, Covestro, who recorded sales of 11.9 billion euros in 2016, introduced a series of film formers that proved effective in skin, hair and sun care products; and that can also serve the needs of decorative cosmetics. New formulations are believed to have an interesting skin-firming effect, thanks to Baycusan C 1004, acting as an invisible barrier to protect users from environmental influences. At the same time the company stated it is developing smoothing formulations to hide wrinkles thanks to the polyurea Baycusan C 1005 powder, especially dedicated to mature skins and minor wrinkles. As for sensitive skins, Baycusan C 1000 film formers have the capability to reduce the migration of UV absorbers to the skin surface, therefore avoiding the eye irritation that some sun protection products may induce. According to company sources Baycusan C 1000 allows users to reduce the amount of emulsifiers needed to achieve a complete and reliable protection, thanks to the level of stabilization that the film former has achieved. Again, Baycusan C 1004 proved its effectiveness in sun protection formulations by retaining at least 50% of its sun protection factor for more than one hour, even in case of repeated exposure to water. Baycusan C 1008 is instead devoted to semi-permanent hair colouring, since this film former can ensure an unique and intensive colour coverage, lasting for an average of two or more shampoos, without losing its characteristics and prerogatives. While also launching a new nail polishing product family, Covestro announced Baycusan C 1010, that provides users with an effective hair protection against particulates.