Dermatological cosmetics from ginger

gingerThe so-called «refine ginger» are active plant cells derived from the medicinal Asian plant ginger, made by using a biotechnology approach that lead to a controlled synthesis of active molecules by the cells themselves. Starting from the hypothesis that those active plant cells will help to refine skin texture at the level of pores and will improve skin complexion, a clinical trial was undertaken.

The study shows a significant improvement in skin structure in terms of pores reduction, a mattifying effect demonstrated by a reduction of shininess and a reduction of sebum after several days of treatment.

In summary, the clinical trial, although involved a quiet reduced number of participants, showed clearly that refine ginger are whole plant cells that enhance skin structure thanks to different actions.

In vitro tests showed that the benefit observed could derive from the ability of the product to increase the synthesis of elastin and fibers and by decreasing sebum rate; a reinforcing hydration and anti-oxidation effect could also be involved.

by D.Merli