Co-branded toothbrush for youngers

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toothbrushThe joint venture of two cosmetic and chemical industries, Unilever and Playbrush, has recently launched a co-branded smart toothbrush, that will be introduced in the European market (at first in France) this year.

The founder of the company, Paul Varga, has launched Playbrush in August 2014. The proposed toothbrush was developed to be used in particular by children aged 4 to 11; in fact, it has an innovative smart function: the device uses Bluetooth and motion sensors, that are connected to a specific app of the cell phone.

This app allows the child to power a game in the same time as he or she brushes, while it measure the duration and regularity of brushing, to check for eventual correction to be done on the habit of the user. This device, known on the market as Playbrush, has sold up to now 60,000 units, and the market is continuously growing.

by D.Merli