Skin-friendly green emulsifiers

gale-cosm-2Gale & Cosm srl has studied and created the Galolive Line, four products that may be considered as the «natural offspring» of olive oil. Starting from the awareness olive phytocomplexes are known for their extraordinary eudermic properties (emollient, lenitive, sebum restructuring, photo protective, anti radical ecc.) the goal was to create emulsifiers with specific properties: Galolive Ten® (INCI: polyglyceril-3-cetyl ether olivate succinate) a non ionic sulphate free surfactant for O/W hot emulsions, Galolive O/W® (INCI: polyglyceril-4 oleyl ether olivate) and Galolive W/O® two PEG-free surfactants for O/W and W/O cold and hot processes and Galolive WS® (INCI: olive oil polyglyceril -3 esters), an innovative water soluble olive oil for toiletry applications. Galolive Ten, with its versatility and stability also at high temperature, can be used to form particularly fresh and light O/W emulsions that are pleasantly velvety to the touch and enriched with the eudermic functional properties of olive oil; also Galolive O/W can be used in fresh and light O/W emulsions, exploiting the olive oil eudermic functional, also obtaining stable emulsions through cold processes. Regarding Galolive W/O the main advantage is the versatility in supporting W/O emulsion, making possible an emulsifying process at low temperatures, obtaining water resistant products. Eventually Galolive WS owns emollient and lubricant properties, is able to reduce the irritating action of the compounds of surfactant system without modifying the foaming power of the formula.

by C.Lacapra