A new green rheology modifier

eurotradingEurotrading group is focusing on the research and production of new starting materials and functional substances for haircare, suncare, skincare, toiletries and fragrances sectors. Eurotrading launched Eutrasof VIS® (INCI: potassium lactate, coco glucoside, glyceryl oleate), an innovative and green COSMOS approved rheology modifier as an alternative to Cocamide DEA. Eutrasof shows its best performances in formulation containing fatty alcohol sulfates and fatty alcohol ether sulfates and is very easy to formulate, also during winter, thanks to his physical shape (liquid at 5°C) and the possibility to be dropped into formulation without any type of heat in any moments of the process. This rheology modifier shows its performance also coupled with low % of surfactants and owns some specific activities. The company developed a lot of tests to demonstrate the viscosity builder properties of this materials, starting from a concentration of 1%, compared to Cocamide DEA and the higher moisturizing capacity due to the presence of potassium lactate, if compared with glycerine. Last but not least, researchers made up an in vivo study to evaluate the lipid layer enhancing effect of the glyceryl mono oleate (a natural ingredient of the healthy skin also contained in Eutrasoft) studying concentrations of this raw material from 0.3% to 1.5%. Eventually, Eutrasoft VIS cooperates in the building of a more soft and compact foam.

by C.Lacapra