In Venice every make-up has got its remover

BregaglioVenice doesn’t miss the X factor, there’s lots of mystery and allure in the lagoon: mansions, churches, ancient bridges and the unique «calle» (the typical narrow streets in Venice). Still, it is the Carnival that turns the Old Lady into a wild «party girl»! Get rid of the dust, then, and pay attention not to sink in her millenary scents, the «Serenissima» wants colours and foolery, but mostly unconventional beauty. Just enough time to backcomb your hair, accentuate the blush of your cheeks, wear a splendid period costume and here comes the 18th century with its magnificence. Mind the details, the secret lies in a glance, audacious and theatrical for a very special evening. Let’s disguise for one night, let’s break the rules and win any social or religious boundary. Make-up hides and reveals the inspiration of the moment….And yet, the twelve strokes will be fatal for the eyeliner and eye shadow emotions: all of a sudden your 18th century eyes will be smudged for good! What’s next then? Removing the (make-up) mask and redrawing yourself can be irritating but with a soft and soothing biphasic make-up remover you can wash away more than 300 years of history and your skin won’t even be able to notice it. Our guest star is Dermoil HDE by Bregaglio. Dermoil HDE is a highly branched purified colorless, odorless and very low viscosity hydrocarbon with a small quantity of a polar oil which enhances the excellent skin feeling.A unique combination of physical, chemical and toxicological properties which make it a very good emollient in personal-care preparations. Free from aromatics and peroxides, it’s a safe product, non-toxic, non irritant to skin and eye non sensitising and non-comedogenic.