Younger skin revealed

Beautiful Girl Touching Her FaceTenth active of the Gatuline® range, this new natural extract of Japanese cedar buds, are launched at in-cosmetics Paris in April. Gatuline® Renew targets the sign of age most difficult to hide: skin texture. It acts specifically on the problem of skin texture, smoothing, hydrating, and softening the skin, giving it a visibly younger appearance. It relaunches the cell renewal mechanism, restoring the capacity of the skin to regenerate and defend itself. Coarseness, caused by age and environmental factors (pollution, UV), is erased. Dead cells that aging skin has difficulty to eliminate are removed. A perfect, smooth skin, both to the eye and to touch, is restored. Used at only 1% in formulation, it rebuilds the epidermis and restores efficient skin barrier function. In a blind study versus placebo, panelists showed significantly higher appraisal levels for the half-face treated with the active cream – it is smoother, more radiant and look healthier. A use-test demonstrates suitability for sensitive skins. Gatuline® Renew is an extract of buds of Cryptomeria japonica, a Japanese cedar tree which grows in the clean air environment of the French Reunion Island. The buds, harvested by hand from the lower parts of the trees, are air dried and sent to Gattefossé’s production site near Lyon for extraction. These buds contain a high amount of skin-stimulating molecules including a specific diterpenoid named isopimaric acid which is a signature molecule of the plant species and the main contributor to the skin renewal efficacy of Gatuline® Renew. The composition, phytochemically highly identified, also shows the presence of a wide range of bioactive substances including polyphenols, peptides, sugars and lipidic compounds. Obtained using vegetable-derived solvents, this ECOCERT/ COSMOS approved and NPA certified ingredient can be used in natural and organic cosmetic lines. Easy to formulate, it is suitable for body and facial care products, including BB and CC creams.