Cellulite treatment from within

GelitaNew research demonstrates that oral supplementation with specific collagen peptides developed by Gelita leads to a clear improvement in the appearance of skin in women suffering from moderate cellulite. Cellulite affects approximately 85% of adult females and is characterized by puckering and dimpling, giving the skin an orange peel texture. The study results show that specific collagen peptides (VERISOLĀ®) tackle the condition at its core and help to restore the normal structure of the dermal and subcutaneous tissue. Once again, the published data confirm the positive impact of VERISOLĀ® on skin health and pave the way for a new therapeutic strategy for the treatment of cellulite. The new application is currently patent pending in Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil. In terms of skin waviness, a statistically significant reduction of 8% on average was observed via skin surface profile measurement after 6 months of treatment. Moreover, dermal density was significantly improved compared with the placebo. After the treatment period, the skin tissue became measurably more compact, indicating a strengthening of the connective tissue. Finally, the borderline length between the dermis and the subcutis, correlated with the degree of cellulite, was notably shorter after collagen peptide supplementation. VerisolĀ® is highly soluble and almost neutral in taste. Hence, it can easily be incorporated into various types of liquid and solid functional food applications or nutricosmetics without compromising the sensory profile ā€” from collagen water and concentrated ready-to-consume liquid shots to tablets, capsules and flavored powder mixes. As VerisolĀ® peptides are hydrolyzed to a specific peptide length, they are easily digestible as well as highly bioavailable. Moreover, they are free from fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, as well as gluten, and are perfectly suited for use in non-allergenic foods.