A new packaging module, a unique tool to manage packaging data

laptop view from the front with business team on the screen

A new module to be integrated into Coptis Lab, the software specially designed for the cosmetic industry. Anne Karagoz, formerly worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Sanofi Beauté, thus fully aware of the needs of the cosmetic industry, founded Coptis. More than 200 Cosmetic Companies have already been equipped with this software solution. Coptis Lab is the core of Coptis’ range of software, managing all phases in the development of a cosmetic formula, from the marketing brief to the regulation file. The creation of a packaging module was the next step to complete the Coptis Lab software, precisely meeting the fundamental need of the cosmetic industry to manage simultaneously packaging data along with all data required in the development of a formula, such as raw materials, regulatory, tests data etc. The main features of the packaging module are a centralized management of primary and secondary components’ information (composition, nature, origin, specifications, traces/impurities, prices and documentation etc.); the creation of Bill of Materials (BOM); a price simulations based on quantity and supplier; the possibility of following-up of tests on the finished product stability: compatibility etc. And soon when editing the product information file (PIF), the required packaging reports can be included automatically. It has an optimized efficiency: improvement of information sharing and collaboration between packaging team and formulators, secured access to data, centralized data to prevent regulatory compliance issues, time saving of more than 30%. By integrating this new packaging module, Coptis Lab becomes a powerful tool covering every aspect of R&D in the cosmetic industry.