Focuses for In-cosmetics Asia

Asian Style - Red EditionThe controversial subject of animal testing is explored in detail for the first time during the Marketing Trends presentations at in-cosmetics Asia this year. Following the EU-wide ban on animal testing for cosmetic products two years ago, Alain Khaiat of Seers Consulting examines requirements around the world and how companies should comply. One of the most complex issues for companies since the ban has been the differing regulations in Europe and Asia. Whilst Europe ended all animal testing on cosmetic products (finished, ingredients and imports) in 2013, many Asian countries are still somewhere in between; accepting alternatives in theory but still testing on animals in practice. Although synergies are developing, the situation is still very difficult for personal care brands operating internationally. To provide some clarity on the topic, Khaiat delves into global regulatory requirements and look at the science behind alternative methods.
Furthermore, for many, an equally thorny subject is the use of nanomaterials in personal care formulations. Consumers are particularly concerned about how they are regulated in products globally and how safe they are. Belinda Carli from the Institute of Personal Care Science will update visitors on the latest research relating to nanotechnology, focussing on regulatory developments, potential uptake, pathways within the skin, current issues associated with their use and how brands can best communicate to their customers.