2-piece packaging

corpackCorpack introduced its newest design of a 2-piece packaging design. The new «Avalon Compact Line» is characterised by the fact that the bottom part of the lid completely disappears in the base of the compact. Only a thin portion of the lid remains visible in closed state, the German cosmetics packaging specialist points out. The chamfer, on which the bottom of the lid lies, also sets a stage for the compact’s content. Furthermore, a user friendly opening space right under the lid ensures easy access to the product. Thanks to its simplistic shape and the straight lines, this compact has a timeless look. The compact’s large surface offers brands a lot of possibilities for individual customisation. For instance, only the lid can be metallised or the whole compact can be lacquered in one colour for a more up-scaled appeal. In addition, a one-window-effect without a second transparent element can be achieved by embossing a hot foil ring on the top side of the lid.
The «Avalonline» is produced in the EU and is currently available in two sized with line extensions to follow.