Cosmetics Europe and the theme of animal testing

medical laboratory, cells with human blood.The Personal Care trade association is looking to further develop alternatives to animal testing by setting up a Research Consortium. This is aimed at looking at different approaches, in order to have safety assessment and to facilitate their regulatory acceptance and encouraging the industry to get involved. The toxicological endpoints that Consortium will be focused on include the areas of eye irritation, skin sensitization, skin absorption and metabolism, genotoxicity. Cosmetics Europe Consortium is self-funded and it’s open to its members, but also to non-members, for example suppliers or others. This organization also has one of its aims to enter into strategic partnerships which would allow applying for public funding, such as the EC Horizon 2020 program. Alternatives to animal testing are the development of test methods that avoid the use of liv animals and although there was a marketing ban in 2013, it’s necessary to make new studies, also in order to influence other global markets.