New silicone technologies

beautiful woman in towelDow Corning, company active in silicones global market, silicon-based technology and innovation, introduced a unique array of high-performance silicone ingredients and trendsetting formulation concepts for skin care products. These include Dow Corning® ES-5600 Silicone Glycerol Emulsifier, Dow Corning® EP-9801 Hydro Cosmetic Powder, new formulations for high sun protection factor (SPF) sun care applications and next-generation formulations from Dow Corning’s new Aqua Dimensions program. New Dow Corning ES-5600 Silicone Glycerol Emulsifier offers good oil formulation flexibility and superior emulsification capability – including small particle size and high stability – for liquid foundations, color cosmetics and sun care products. It can make formulations more attractive by providing color intensity to foundations and improving performance of sunscreens – without the use of materials containing polyethylene glycol. Combining the sensory benefits of an elastomeric powder with easy dispersion in water, Dow Corning EP-9801 Hydro Cosmetic Powder offers desirable effects in liquid foundations, water-in-oil creams, oil-in-water creams, lotions, gels and toners. This advanced new material provides a smooth and powdery feel, reduces skin shine and also helps mask skin imperfections. For ease of use, the new product can be added directly into the water phase of formulations without premixing. The company’s innovative range of high-SPF sun care formulations (SPF 35-50) deliver exceptional sensory performance and lightweight touch in a variety of consumer-friendly formats such as lotions and sprays. Benefits include non-whitening on wet skin, long-lasting water resistance and sand repellence.

by B. Briasco