Innovation for encapsulating natural actives

carlo sessa koswNanovetores is a Brazilian company that has developed an innovative encapsulating system for natural actives, plants extracts and oils in biopolymeric particles. One of the star products in Nanovetoresā€™ line is Nano Peel Off Base, a useful and versatile gel base for facial masks that can be used as such and together with actives both from Nanovetoresā€™ facial line and all water dispersible actives. It has moisturizing, tensor, anti-aging, soothing, refreshing and anti-oxidizing properties and controls the skin oiliness, as well. The main compound is Glycyrrhizic acid, a triterpenoid saponins glucoside extracted from Licorice roots, that can regulate the disorders of all skin types and has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and decongestant activities. During the application period (20 minutes), the particles which contain actives form a flexible and thin film, with a remarkable tensor effect that helps penetration and absorption of the actives in the skin. Moreover, the film removes the dead cells and impurities from the skin surface, restoring its hydration and natural texture. Nano Peel Off Base is easy to use and only 2 grams are sufficient for a complete face mask. Nanovetores is represented in Italy by Carlo Sessa S.p.A.


by B. Briasco