New validations Ecocert

Indena-Centella asiaticaIndena is proud to announce that two additional extracts, Xilogel® and Millet have been recently Ecocert validated. These Ecocert validations follow the ones previously received for other products: Olive fruit extract Opextan®, Sichuan pepper extract Zanthalene® and Centella asiatica purified dry extract. Xilogel® is an extremely well characterized polysaccharide obtained from the seed of the tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica), growing mainly in India. It is able to improve skin hydration on a short and long term basis. It may be widely used in skin care as well as in body care, ranging from anti-ageing and restructurant products to body lotions, with a specific claim in highly hydrating and restructuring products. Xilogel® is compatible in various systems, from traditional to silicon emulsions, to even almost anhydrous systems as lipsticks. In all formulations, besides the observed validated biological activity, it provides a unique, almost sensual softness, that is delightful to the touch. Supported by safety data showing the complete absence of side effects, Indena  Millet extract is a skin restructurant, and a skin barrier function improver. Millet dry extract is particularly suitable to be associated with essential amino acids such as, for example, methionine. Millet, as a cereal, is high in proteins and has significantly more iron and silicon than other cereals. It is gluten free and very rich in amino acids, phosphorus and B vitamin. Its content of mineral salts, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids exerts a trophic activity on skin and cutaneous annexes (hair and nails).