Focus on customers’ needs

Evonik-Industries-Foto-1Customers are increasingly looking specifically for products that meet individual needs. Cosmetics manufacturers therefore face the particular challenge of offering a broad product portfolio with comparable high quality for specific markets. While Europe for example, is seeing a general trend towards anti-wrinkle creams and skin lighting creams for pigment. While in Asia, age spot removal is highly popular and Pale skin is considered a status symbol. Experts in hair care also consider the special requirements and wishes of different consumer groups: caring shampoos for blonde hair which is widespread in Northern Europe, nourishing conditioners for afro hair and long-lasting dyes for dark Asian hair research labs in Brazil and the United States, experts from Evonik Industries started searching early on for new formulations to meet the trends in hair care as best as possible. Research was more directed towards consumers with thick, curly hair to frizzy hair. This hair type is dominant in many countries, for example in South Africa and Brazil. According to Euromonitor, a worldwide specialist in strategy research for consumer markets, the Brazilian hair care market alone has experienced explosive growth in the past few years. With the growing prosperity of the middle class, the region’s purchasing power is also growing proportionally. The consumers’ main concerns are easy-tocomb hair and curl control. The Personal Care Business Line of Evonik consequently developed innovative organomodified silicones for hair conditioners that focus on the special needs of people of African, Brazilian and other markets.