A particular emulsifier also for decorative formulations

African woman brushing hairEvonik Industries presents Abil EM 120 (INCI name: Bis-(Glyceryl/Lauryl) Glyceryl Lauryl Dimethicone and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride), a polyvalent PEG-free emulsifier with particular advantages in decorative formulations. This ingredient provides a color fidelity, clearly improved thanks to effectively stabilized pigments, improved wettability of black iron oxide for a better color intensity; it’s compatible with both hydrophilic and hydrophobically modified iron oxides  and it can be used for all types of white emulsions and it is workable cold, saving time and energy. It’s a transparent and odorless liquid, with a silicone structure with glyceyl and lauryl groups and HLB equal to 4. The test results clearly indicate greater color fidelity in formulas with Abil EM 120, thanks to better dispersion properties of pigments. In systems with higher concentration of black iron oxide the most significant benefits are evident. This product is compatible with iron oxides both covered and not covered, with organic pigments (eg, Red 57 Lake or Chlorophyllin) and with coated titanium dioxide.