39° National Congress SICC – 26/27 June 2014

39siccThis year’s National Congress SICC will be held in June, rather than in the traditional period for the conjunction of IFSCC Congress held in Paris in October. On 26/27 June, 39° Congresso Nazionale Sicc will be held in Milan and will revolve around the themes of environmental sustainability and of cosmetics from food and renewable sources. It will start with an overview on global sustainability: will be treated real policy issues that have to be taken into account to achieve the objective of safeguarding the planet’s resources by identifying and isolating those who may be regarded as pure operations «Greenwashing». In this regard, we will also discuss the situation of Eco-Bio Certification at European level according to the requirements of the provisions of the European regulation on cosmetic Claims. Given these premises, will be presented the Italian cosmetic companies towards the concepts of sustainability; will be taken into analysis the raw materials, in particular those derived from by-products of the food industry. Also will be discussed in detail in the cosmetic Packaging that in recent years has made an important path towards sustainability of the materials used. Finally, we will discuss industrial strategies towards sustainability including then both processes dedicated to the production of raw materials for bio-engineering pathway than finished products, to apply the concepts of LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) for the choice of those more; environmentally friendly. For more information: segreteria@sicc.it or www.sicc.it