Frangrance notification changes in Indonesia

Perkosmi, the Indonesian Association of Cosmetics Companies is set to hold a workshop to inform and update industry professionals on the changes in the fragrance notification system. The workshop organised in collaboration with the Indonesian National Agency of Drugs and Food Controls will be held in Jakarta, featuring a programme that will provide insight into the criteria and procedure for notifying cosmetic products. The workshpo is being scheduled on the back of IFRA’s development of regulation on fragrance as well as an understanding of the citeria and procedure for notification variations for cosmetic products. Recently, Perkosmi announced it was looking at adjusting technical requirments, particularly the legislation of the “National Agency of Drug and Food Control of 2010” in terms of the development and progress of science and technology in the field of cosmetics. Indonesia is also part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which is a very important player in the global trade. The ACD aims to limit restrictions on the trade of cosmetic products by streamlining technical controls, promoting mutual recognition in terms of product notification and labelling, and establishing coordinated market surveillance systems to ensure the safety, quality and claimed benefits of products that are sold. The Agreement on the ASEAN Harmonized Cosmetic Regulatory Scheme is in place to enable goods produced or marketed in one country to enter other participanting contries by removing the barriers linked to standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment.

by B.Briasco