Packaging could help cosmetics companies to stand out

Increasingly it is added functionality, increased efficacy and targeted packaging technology that is tapping into the important trand for more personalised cosmetic products, according to a packaging design expert. Brands are trying to differentiate by offering “value add” solutions either through devices or functional packs that consumers can engage with. In fact, personalisation is one route to achieving this value add. But it’s necessary not to forget that the foundamental role is played by consumers. Brand owners have to maintaing a close connection with the consumer, because it’s absolutely essential if the packaging design is going to give them exactly what they are looking for. It’s a need to consider and to know consumers and what they are looking for and the value for them in it. According to what Oliver Stokes, principal of design and innivation at PDD, said this is probably the area that brands struggle with most and end up consuming what better for them and thinking that cinsumers will want the same or can have a shared benefit.

by B.Briasco